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Altmühtal … and living is easy

I don’t need much time to state the obvious this time either: “I really love the Altmühl Valley. It feels so great to be here again. Let’s return in two years or so.”

He agrees. It is not only that we are proud of our daily proven paddling prowess :-), it is also that the Nature in the Altmühl Valley is wonderful and there are many great sights to see and things to do as we splish-splash downriver with our paddles, everything we need safely contained in our boat. Yes, even an alarm clock and a diary (You know, a small notebook with a pencil to write things in. A log, so to say.)

I am sure “Hiking in Kipfenberg Woods” does not make your heart beat faster, why should it, but I assure you this is one of the most beautiful places to sort of get lost in and just walk on, for hours. The soft, lush May everywhere, the strawberries, the birds … Wonderful.

“But your hollandaise is much better, even though this one is probably state of the art,” I mumble, my mouth full of asparagus. The next day, I will try to find out at this same restaurant, Der blaue Hecht, whether Bavarians can do vegan food. Yes, they can: my falafel was delicious AND they managed that without a hint of garlic 🙂

So when not sitting peacefully somewhere in Franken/Bavaria, walking around in the forests or paddling downriver like there was no tomorrow and waving to excited onlookers on the shores, we devoted our time to Roman relicts in the area, of which there are many to see. I especially loved the Roman thermae in Weißenburg and could imagine all the comforts to be had there. Not to forget the cleanliness!

Anyway, I know you are here for the photos, so here we go:

OOTDs 6 & 7: Posh Moose, right?

It was cold outside, and quite grey, when I realized I wasn’t going to pass the economy exam: I didn’t understand anything we were supposed to learn during our Saturday seminar. At the same time, I felt unnaturally well. How come?

That day I found out I am a sucker for organic materials and non-poisonous clothes: it was my shirt that made me feel so well, a feeling I have been able to recreate and prove ever since. While “genetics” might be a strong word to use and probably not correct, I can still say I am a “natural born clothes snob” aka Posh Moose, right?

Anyway, I have been expanding my organic clothes treasure trove since that day and loving every piece of it. It’s a slow process because I don’t believe in organic cotton tees sold for 5 euro – what about the workers who made them? Did they survive? Can they eat? Breathe? This lack of belief in the necessity of textile workers torture for my own well-being (aka chock-full wardrobe) has lead to my cutting down on quantities purchased but also to some new, much beloved pieces of clothing  sharing my living space.

Like today’s OOTD 6 and OOTD 7: a pair of laser-designed jeans (noone died in the process of distressing them), combined with a cardigan (made of organic wool) my husband wanted to send back because of size issues. My favourite blouse (organic cotton) and a pair of trousers (not organic, but nice) my husband wanted to send back because of size issues.

After the jump. SFW.

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Another One. Blast From The Past. No: make that 2.

10 years ago … I finished my studies in Tübingen. Now, don’t worry: I am not going to impose ALL of my memories on you from now on – this one’s relevant for my present, too.

So, Tübingen … While I didn’t exactly live there and had to travel by train AND by bus to/from the tiny Swabian place we lived at back then, I still got to see a lot of Tübingen, at least that’s what I thought till I had to find out where Morgenstelle is. Last week.

Morgenstelle is a complex of university buildings, among others, having to do with natural sciences, more or less, and it’s not exactly near the centre of the town. Not at all.

And that’s where my economy exam is taking place next week.

Well, it’s never too late to learn something new.

– – –

Last night, after not having been able to study any more, I delved deeply into my French Outlander and I loved every second of it. What a pleasure to have a reader with a dictionary and to understand most of the things because you’ve read the book in English some time ago, but also to discover “new” things because you’ve forgotten them. Diana Gabaldon’s series is quite huge, you know. And I found out I really do know what mamelons, seins and hanches are … 😳


Petkovi endorfinčki



Stop Me (cause I’m having too much fun)


(Study at the weekend? Yes, I did that, too)

A Dangerous Attempt

When I finish my work, change into warmer clothes and attach all the ear studs, it is dark already. For a second, I wonder whether I will regret the urge to do as Germans do, then I put on my outdoor winter coat, knee-high boots, gloves and a bright red scarf.

It is quite cold outside, but it is only my furiously cycling knees that get unpleasantly soaked in the winter rain. Once inside the classroom, I try to find a hook where my wet coat won’t affect other participants’ winter protection and I succeed eventually.

We get a short introduction by a visibly exhausted teacher and I try to hide my disappointment. I really don’t know what to do next and, most of all, how. There are only basic tools available, at least they make sense, everyone else obviously knows what they want and my eyes are sore after a long day spent typing.

Well then.

At least I know how to use toothpicks for modelling.

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La vie en dose