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Miscellaneous Memorabilia

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Finland: Next To Nature, Art


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Sand Sculptures In Lappeenranta

The largest sandcastle in Finland can be admired in Lappeenranta for the tenth time now. This year, the topic is Kalevalathe Finnish mythological history in form of epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot.

You can have a look at the gallery here, I’ll just show you the scenes I liked the most …

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8702 Kilometers, 21 Days, 4 Countries, 0 Moose. A Report.

So … before life gets serious again, let me tell you about our winter holiday in Scandinavia. Oh, did I just say winter? 😯 Well, I meant winter, even though we officially had summer.

You see, this was one of those Northern Exposures when you need every single fleece and/or woolen jacket and piece of underwear you force fed your luggage at home with.

You need to see at the same time that we don’t really suffer in such conditions. We’ve been doing Scandinavia for 15 years and some were tougher than the others. You just adapt, go with the flow or by car if the water’s too cold. Not to forget the feet. But more about those later.

So the weather was the main reason why our holiday changed from “let’s hop to North Cape and go paddling afterwards” to something much more … manifold. Meticulously worked on. Mostly beautiful. And almost without mosquitoes: they hate wind and rain.

– – –

To get to our first rendezvous near the Russian border, we drove through Germany, Denmark and Sweden and then took a ferry to Finland. I guess I shouldn’t count Denmark and Sweden as our holiday destinations, since we only drove through and spent some time in traffic jams, but then, we really tried hard and without success to like the food at their services areas, so they deserve a mention.

Our first official act as tourists was to visit the Winter War Museum and then go on a photo tour in Suomussalmi. Brown bears. We spent the night in a special hut, taking photos of many lovely brown bear families running around outside. Of course they came because there was much food lying around and wouldn’t want to be that near humans otherwise, still. It was great watching them act so naturally and run around so freely.

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Doing Good Deeds at Ilosaarirock in Joensuu

(Kaneli, this one’s for you)

Unbelievable! A piece of clothing that really does the job! Even on MY head! A big surprise, it really is.

See, I knew I was going to experience trouble with my new Dead Poets Society Hairstyle in Finland: I hate it when I get tickled by my own hair and that’s exactly what happens out there as soon as the hair in question is partly long enough to reach my face:

The solution? First I thought I’d wear my summer hat. The only place that could sell me a suitable hat was a Dead Animals Society, aka Hunter’s online shop Krähe, because they had the Right Size for Super Size Me. It’s not a bad hat, but it is definitely a huntery one.

And then the magic comes in: in a big supermarket in Finland, I saw something that struck me as quite practical: Buffs. They are stretchy so who cares about my head size, they had one in purple and made of thin merino wool.

What a discovery! I never noticed I wore one, it kept me warm when necessary but it also protected my head from all the UV guys I was getting out there and my hair never got to tickle me!

Needless to say, I bought another one a few days later. In green. You have to appreciate genius when you encounter it, is all I say.

Kolovesi – Canoeists’ Paradise

In the Orthodox Monastery Uusi Valamo

(AKA New Valamo)

Kotka, Finland. Yeah, in July :-)

Tampere, Finland. Also In July.

TAMPERE CATHEDRAL – Simply Beautiful!