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OOTD9: Party Time!

I must admit I don’t find the fact that we occasionally organize our own parties, just for the two of us, strange in any way. After all, it is nice to have a relaxed talk or a relaxing silence with someone you know while eating well, drinking merrily and wearing party clothes noone will comment upon because they get worn only for this purpose. Like really high heels: Continue reading

Wie wär’s mit einer Empfehlung?

Liebe BetriebsanleitungsverfasserInnen!

Es bietet sich an, beim Verfassen einer Betriebsanleitung für Schweissanlagen penibelst auf das 100%-Vorkommen des Buchstabens w zu achten.

Ich sag’s nur. Mir schadet mein Lachen nicht. 😆


Kleingeschwätzeltes am Freitag / Petkove čvečkarije

Der gestrige Sturm hat ein kleines Häuflein Müll auf dem Balkon hinterlassen – wenn weiter nix isch.

Man müsste eine Berufsbezeichnung für Menschen finden, die einfach so Kommas aus dem Englischen übernehmen. Satzkopfabhacker. Schreibscharlatane.  Dünnbrettbohrer, gibt’s ja schon.

Schon wieder habe ich Angst, mich auf den Urlaub zu freuen, weil ja was schief laufen könnte.

Ach und: JA. Eindeutig JA. Endlich mal JA. Ich trage Röcke und Kleider. Ich wohne ja auch in der deutschen Tropengegend.

Keine Ahnung, wie man mit Menschen korrekt umgeht, die die Frage “Kann ich eigentlich mit PayPal zahlen?” mit der Gegenfrage “Was ist denn PajPal?” beantworten.

– – –

Včerajšnje neurje je na balkonu pustilo majhen kupček smeti – samo da ni še kaj drugega.

Najti bi bilo treba naziv za poklic ljudi, ki kar tako prevzemajo vejice iz angleščine. Odrezovalci stavčne glave. Pisarski šarlatani. Poklicne lenobe, pač že obstajajo.

Spet si ne upam veseliti se dopusta, ker bi vendarle lahko kaj šlo v maloro.

Ah in: JA. Enoznačni JA. Končno res JA. Nosim kikle in obleke. Konec koncev stanujem na nemškem tropskem področju.

Pojma nimam, kakšen je pravilen odziv na ljudi, ki se na vprašanje “A lahko plačam tudi s PayPalom?” odzovejo z vprašanjem “Kaj pa je PayPalo?”

A Fashion Confession To Be Made

Some bloggers out there have been warned before and know this little fact: I am no friend of harem pants.

While I do understand slim ladies want to experiment a bit fashionwise and support their courage wholeheartedly, I still think harem pants are très silly.

Well, to be precise: I thought so until  I realized I didn’t really think so. 😳

Let me explain.

This is my brand new H&M cardigan:

That's Harem Pants Principle, No?

Yeah, sort of. And I love it.

Damn 😈

Luckily, I would look like the backside of a tractor wearing harem pants, so I needn’t even consider changing my mind.

Musings On Music

Don’t know about you … but indoor, home-alone exercise is very much connected to ABBA for me.

It would seem I am unable to move my muscles effectively if not hearing “Money, money, money” at least once. Not to forget “Thank you for the music” or “Winner takes it all“. Yep. That’s me,  also, panting on the machine and murmuring Chiquitita tell me ze truth….

Though Beyonce, Christina, Daniel Diges, Milan Stanković and, most of all, Jessy Matador (love him!) will do as well.

Sorely Missed For A Moment

Don’t get me wrong: I do like ships and submarines, but not when my feet ache and I feel like being lazy for a while.

So I said to my ship-loving husband he could have a look at the museum ships in Gothenburg while I’d be drinking beer and reading leaflets in the entrance room. Which is exactly what I did for quite some time: Continue reading

Ogling Boobs Increases Men’s Lifespans?


Sorry, guys, you’ve fallen prey to an admittedly exciting urban legend

But maybe, just maybe, your woman believes it, too? In that case, don’t go all Tiger Woods on her, will ya.

An Unexpected Update

Most of the dreams I manage to remember in the morning are simple stories having to do with woods and animals, with a dreadful atmosphere or other vaguely expressed unpleasant aspects of a flat or a room I have just rented, often enough, a dream will feel like a completely foreign real-life story, detached from my experience – it can be a bit stressful to find a different real life waiting for you in front of your bed in the morning. Continue reading

Kleingeschwätzeltes am Freitag


Priporočilo finančnega svetovalca za 2009

Na penis si dajte vtetovirati 1 EVRO, kajti le tako

…boste uživali v vzponih in padcih svojega denarja

…boste doživeli rast svojega premoženja

…boste veseli vsakokrat, ko bo vaša žena segla po denarju

…boste lahko odločali sami, kdo vaš denar dobi v roke

…boste odločali sami, kam boste vtaknili denar.

Veliko uspeha želim!