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Things Happen, No?

Howdy. … Or something.

After having ticked off the survival of this year’s autumn exhaustion successfully (I needed an additional round of workout, though, it must be the age) I am somewhat lost for words … Oh, I know: I must have used them all up to write my uni homework, describing in too many words why person A needn’t pay the purchase price. Lucky bastard: most of us have to.

Not an easy task, studying at home: while I love being independent, I fear I spend too much time searching for information that should simply be available in bulk … On the other hand, when have you last attended a uni seminar wearing a roller in your hair? Exactly.

I must wonder whether I do this on purpose, just to relive the good olden times, when thinking about Kant made me ignore both friends and traffic signs: after having paid my bills and stuff, I turn around to see if anybody’s waiting for me to finish my electronic papirology (nope, dear hackers, I do not bank online) and see a nice lady so I smile in her direction and she smiles back. I take my papers and my wallet and leave, only to remember I am also carrying a handbag today. So I turn and smile apologetically at the nice lady, who looks a bit shattered. “One of those Saturdays” I admit, grip my bag and walk home to finish my seminar paper on not needing to pay. Damn.

Oh, and all the big plans for tomorrow! Polish the parquet and the wardrobe fronts, finally try sewing with my wonderful new sewing machine, finish the seminar paper and get to read a bit.

Very warm here. Like: almost T-shirt and sandals warm. When the nice DHL girl told me this morning they have switched to the Christmas season regime I couldn’t help but exclaim. “Already!?!?” She told me they do that on 1. November and I realized we have November now. So that’s where all the flowers have gone.

Ahhh, and the November sun! Just imagine being able to say that: November sun! It makes all the garish orange, pink and salmon houses in our little town shine sort of beautifoolishly. Not bad at all, I really have to take care not to go down a notch or two in my taste …

Just one more annual exhaustion to tick off and then it’s Christmas.


Let me count the ways

You know the story about a frog in a pot with water that is being heated up gradually? How the poor animal cannot feel it’s boiling, according to the famous legend?

True or not, I think the story describes some things in life quite well.

Like … getting old?


I’m a busy girl and so I haven’t noticed some of the less obvious signs telling me that, yes, I am 40 already. There’s cellulite and wrinkles and an occasional gray hair and my muscles are as flabby as always (despite working out), but these are the signs we all tend to check from time to time. I also tend to forget them. In front of a mirror is not my favourite place to dally, it has never been. Which explains some of my sartorial choices and the inability to distinguish between cheveux and chevaux to this day, really 😈

But what about other things? Any other signs I am in fact getting old and have been all this time, inevitably? Well, yes:

– After the last Paris trip I have sworn to myself never to book the cheapest hotel possible. Ever. It’s not romantic and after having tried to visit as many museums as possible, you need a good sleep which won’t be interrupted by people hitting each other and yelling.

– Our bed has become the … lap of luxury: only organic cotton is ever allowed and this year, we decided to skip Xmas presents to buy new blankets. Filled with camel hair. Yes. The stuff camels shed when the weather turns from freezing to warm is the best ever to cover your tired, old body with at night.

– I have never owned so many cardigans as I do now. I think I am officially in love with the concept: you can zip/button up the thing or not, you can take it off when it’s too hot and put it in a small bag you’ve sewn for that purpose (to carry tiny cashmere cardigans in a handbag) and you can feel well warmed up by your ersatz blanket whenever the need arises. Which happens more often, as you grow- exactly. 🙂 Old.

– It seems my collection of arm warmers (a pair of yak ones only, right now) will see the same fate: I adore all that knitted stuff covering a half of my hands. And I have always hated sleeves that are too short – meaning just about reaching my wrists – even as a young person. Believe me, at my height and clothes size, sleeves are usually dimensioned to offend.

– I have never in my life spent so much time cleaning as recently. Mind you, ours is still not the cleanest place because we both work too much and sleep too long to keep everything tidy and spotless, but it’s better now than it has ever been. Plus, I love cleaning, I always have. I wonder what’s to become of this … 😯

– I tend to buy clothes made of organic or recycled materials, mostly they are simple basics I can combine to get exciting styles 🙂

– Last week I said to my husband I am going to spend my retirement working out, making out, reading and sewing new things from old ones. 😳

– I don’t seem to remember the third meaning of the word “party”: there’s “political party” and there’s “contract party” and then there’s … errr … ? 😈


A Blast From The Past

“Can I somehow help you?”

“Yyyyes?” I blush. “I’d like a photo of my dragon earring. You know, for later. So that when I am 80, I’ll find this photo and say to myself ‘Gee, I used to wear a dragon ear cuff when I was 40. Blimey.”

“Well yeah, that’s a good idea. Right then … here you go.” He smiles kindly and I sort of blush again. I am quite sure I am not supposed to talk like that, but there you go. Gosh.


(7 days to go)

Voda je krasna stvar, ja.

“V starih časih, ko še ni bilo tople vode iz pipe, si lahko v okolici mesta v enem dnevu zorganiziral deset legij! Kam gre ta svet … Odkar se tuširamo, smo se čisto pomehkužili!”

“Res je, v starih časih še besede tuš niso poznali!” mu prijazno pomagam. “Greš zdaj peš v službo, bos?”

“Errr … mislim, da se bom moral še parkrat na mrzlo stuširati, preden grem v službo bos. Ampak ta dan bo prišel!”

“Glej, saj lahko naredim tako kot v komunizmu: skuham vročo vodo v loncu in ti jo nalijem v umivalnik, dodaš še mrzlo, pa bo.”

“OK. Ampak ta svet je preveč pomehkužen in bo propadel, ti povem!”

– – –

A kaj da se greva?

Bojler se nama je pokvaril, v nedeljo, pa sva bila do torka popoldne brez vroče vode. Če sem čisto iskrena, to pri meni spada med zadeve, zaradi katerih še obrvi ne dvignem, hec pa vseeno mora biti.

– – –

Ne morem verjeti: mulc, pa me gre takole žicat. Halo?!? Dečko, stara sem ene dvakrat toliko kot ti, popravi tisti bojler in se pejt zabavat z mlajšimi! 😳

– – –

Habemus aqua calda, pomejlam dragemu, konc je tuširanja z mrzlo vodo.

– – –

Oh. Obrvi bo treba oblikovati.

Pa ne, da sem v nedeljo zadnjič letos plavala na prostem?

He Made Me Do It!

He = my hubby

Made Me = convinced me

Do = buy – because I am going to go on a sartorial fasting spree in a month

It = a lovely black leather shopper. Italian.

How Could You? :-)

“Mimi in Newyork” writes on 03. April: … Get talking to Croatian lead actor in Brangelina’s directorial debut. We’re walking down a corridor when he grabs me, pulls me by the hand into the photo booth, sits there, looking at me awkwardly, puppy-like. Then he jumps me, tongue a-flailing

Rade, was that you? Is it all true? Well well well …