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Happy Moose: Week 50/2016


One does not get any younger these days, but it is inner values that count. 😀

Happy Moose: Week 49/2016

Saturdays are reserved for cleaning, in our home. Meaning we stuff our ears with audio materials of our choice and do the work, each their own. I tend to listen to French translations of good books and I absolutely adore these moments. In the afternoon, we stop laboriously ignoring each other and prepare some food instead.

Happy Moose: Week 48/2016



Happy Moose: Week 47/2016

  • So, should I make a chocolate cake, a fruit cake or a nut cake?
  • Yes. 
  • Yes what?
  • All of them.


(In the end it turned out sometimes more is definitely more. Like: a dates-butter-cocoa-cranberries-tahini with pekmez-coconut-wholemeal cake. With perfect taste. *sigh indeed*)



Happy Moose: Week 46/2016

It has always been important to me to live in an area where a walk is always possible. To have an enchanting forest so near is simply wonderful.

Happy Moose: Week 44/2016

Last week, I took two days off: Been studying for my criminal law exam these days and of course loving it, even though I spend much time reading about murder and slaughter.

Might be the right time to learn about this shit. (<- black humor).


Happy Moose: Week 43/2016

Happy Moose: Week 42/2016

My first reaction to Michael Pollan’s Cooked was “BLEURGHHHH”!!!!?!!!!

Why on earth did I keep on reading the book even though the first part is all about roasting pigs, I don’t know. I still remember how much I hated the pictures this chapter invokes.

But then … my suffering paid off.

First, I induced some of our favorite veggies to ferment and while waiting for the results, I bought and used a grain mill.

I don’t understand why I hadn’t done it much earlier … the bread is delicious and it certainly makes fun to mill one’s wheat (or rye or …).



brot22(sea salt with algae and avocado, of course)

Happy Moose: Week 41/2016




I guess admitting I am a Schwarzwald junkie simply makes me an average middle-aged person (Wow, she likes the Black Forest, what a surprise).

(Now, admitting to myself people from the Black Forest probably care less about me than I am currently aware of is a part of my real life checking routine. As long as I work, earn and retain my health, I get to admire the landscape. So I will. Happily.)

Happy Moose: Week 40/2016