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December Food Orgies Photo Orgy – Enjoy!

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Easter Feasters

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December Cooking Orgies. A Summary of 4.

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Easter Feasters

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Valentine, and living is easy…..

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Pets? Why yes.

Everyone, please meet Venus, our new pet:



Cooking For One

means … true colours? It obviously means lots of soup (stew).


(Colour courtesy of black lentils and black rice plus tomatoes and cream. Wholemeal bread with rosemary twigs, cheese, peas, chanterelles and pumpkin seeds – for my husband’s brand new lunch box and occasionally for me.)

Eating … err Wedding Anniversary

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Let them eat cake.

You know: children. Should they dislike veggies. Here’s how to:

In a bowl, mix together 6 spoons semolina, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 120 g sugar with some vanilla, 3 eggs, 100 g soft butter, 500 g curd cheese. Whisk briefly.

Put approximately 20 % of the batter into a new bowl and then a half of the rest (which would be 40 % of the total, as we know) into another bowl.

Add: cocoa and blueberries to the bowl with the 20% portion, beet root juice and blueberries to the second bowl (with 40 %) and processed young spinach leaves to the third bowl (also 40 %). You need to shred the spinach leaves together with some cake batter for a better result. I don’t think I should tell you about the quantities, the only important thing seems to be not to overdo the cocoa or juice.

Add some semolina to beet root and spinach batter; they shouldn’t be too liquid (something like 2-3 spoons, no need to exaggerate, though).

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Sunday. As In: A Day Full of Sun.