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Just A Weird Coincidence.

A note of warning: This is a post about chamomile tea. I am telling you this so you can decide whether you still want to bear with me or would prefer to leave me alone with this one.

It is also a post about Bridget Jones.


Yes, I read the first two Secret Diaries of Bridget Jones. No, I wasn’t really excited about them, but they weren’t boring, either.

I thought I had forgotten all about them till I started introducing the daily dosis of chamomile tea into my life … One day, I suddenly remembered this scene from the book very vividly, where Bridget is declared as boring, because she’s lost weight and is sipping chamomile tea during her outings with her friends.

While being surprised at this unusual reminiscence, I didn’t pursue its meaning any further. It is cold here and I love getting up from my work to make me some tea. Chamomile is easy on the stomach, so chamomile does it.

Do I have you yawning already? So you didn’t like my bunny?



“Don’t worry,” says my Clever Half, watching me wash up the remnants of our Sunday dinner after having complained about the total lack of work-related motivation, “the weekend will arrive very soon.”



Always trust a Sagittarius to say the most positive thing possible. And mean it.


The Annual Visit To Luisenpark. Nice :-)

(I want your  love, ….)

(pushing forty)

(good old times)

A Film Or Two I Liked

We saw Departures yesterday and I’d warmly recommend it. This Japanese film won the Oscar as the best foreign film and it managed to charm me very much…

Two days ago we saw The White Ribbon, which was also a huge … surprise. Since I am only an average cinemagoer and not a specialist for cinematography or film art, I can only tell you that I liked it. 🙂

The film that moved me the most in 2009 was made in 2008… Yep, The Reader. That was the first time I thought I liked Kate Winslet and her acting abilities. I haven’t seen a lot of her yet, though.

I am still officially on holiday but I did get a few sentences to translate yesterday. Now I don’t know whether to stick to my officially proclaimed absence or to scribble those 5, 6 sentences and send them away. What if they want more?

The First One – Done.

I’m talking about a Christmas market, of course.

Food and drink? Very much so. Dornfelder-punch, crêpes and lángos, had and eaten.

Purchases? Cookie cutters, for my clay objects.

Atmosphere? Well, nice. Small, friendly, same procedure as every year.

No photos, though. Too busy/lazy. Will deliver later this month.

Summertime …. Easy

Don’t know why or how, but I’ve grown to like these hot summer days in the Rhine Valley.

I also solemnly swear I’m up to no good … or bad. Well, not even mischief.

It is indeed a nice summer, reading Harry Potter and pretending to work and I decided not to bother you with my lazy thoughts for the time being.

Traditionally, I develop serious moosing tendencies in the autumn, so we can tackle the meaning of life and related topics then.

Oh, and, I have been toying with modelling clay some more – you know, in every adult moose, there is a little moose calf, wanting to play, just for the fun of it.

Fish Are Jumping ...

Fish Are Jumping ...