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Again …

‘Common, move closer, buddy!’

Taking his time to (maybe or maybe not) do my bidding and silently observing with one rolling eye how I go on pouring hot coffee all over my padded bra and shirt for a terribly long time while concentrating on my camera 

my buddy finally comes closer.

He’s a sight well worth the coffee stench for the rest of the afternoon. Continue reading


Wie wär’s mit einer Empfehlung?

Liebe BetriebsanleitungsverfasserInnen!

Es bietet sich an, beim Verfassen einer Betriebsanleitung für Schweissanlagen penibelst auf das 100%-Vorkommen des Buchstabens w zu achten.

Ich sag’s nur. Mir schadet mein Lachen nicht. 😆


Happy New Year!


A Post For Our Eager American Friends

“Tell me: have you ever actually measured your head? You know, sometimes-“

“I have. My head really is that large. I’ve tried 61 cm a few times, but it doesn’t really feel comfortable. So yes, I do need 62 cm.”

“Oh. Well, we thought we had them in store, but it turned out we didn’t. We do not often have ladies requiring this size …”

“I know. Right now, I only have one hat and it’s a men’s hat. Waterproof polyester in hunting green. The company even sends me rifle ads ever since I bought it. I think yours is the only shop that offers panama hats for ladies in my size.”

“… Well, we do not seem to have any available right now. I know it’s summer already, but if you could wait some more, maybe I can find one …”

“OK, I’ll wait. What else can I do?”

– – –

Oh, and, dear American friends: I tend to “adapt” the reality before depicting it on my blog. Something to do with growing up in an Eastern village and knowing when to keep things to myself. But there are at least 2 real facts that I am ready to share directly, without any prisms: 

1. Yes, I think this world is going to end because of human stupidity and narcissism.

2. Yes, the circumference of my head is 62 cm, that would be 24.4094 inch in your world.

– end of reality –

V sredo pa lepo besedo

TALLINN je eno od najbolj prekrasnih, zanimivih in prijetnih mest, kar sem jih videla.

TALLINNA nisem videla zadnjič: zagotovo ne.

TALLINNU bom posvetila še kakšen zapis.

TALLINN sva obiskala za en dan kot pešca oz. potnika na trajektu iz Hensilkov.

Pri TALLINNU velikokrat pravzaprav ne veš, katero zgodovinsko obdobje te čaka za vogalom neke zgradbe.

S TALLINNOM sva se poslovila le s težkim srcem.


Kleingeschwätzeltes am Freitag / Petkove čvečkarije

Ups, wir haben gestern Forbrydelsen II geguckt. Bis 00:44 Uhr.

Davor hatten wir eine Woche lang auch Forbrydelsen I geschaut.

Wieso gibt es in Dänemark so absolut gut aussehende Schauspieler, von denen der Rest der Welt nichts weiß?

Ich meine Lars Mikkelsen und Mikael Birkkjær.

– – –

Ups, včeraj sva gledala Forbrydelsen II. Do 00:44 ure.

Pred tem sva cel teden gledala tudi Forbrydelsen I.

Zakaj na Danskem obstajajo igralci neverjetno dobrega videza, o katerih preostali svet nič ne ve?

S tem mislim Larsa Mikkelsena in Mikaela Birkkjæra.

Kleingeschwätzeltes am Freitag / Petkove čvečkarije




Man könnte meinen, Schreiben von Blogs kommt irgendwie aus der Mode. Es passiert kaum noch was wirklich Gutes oder Interessantes, oder?







Zdi se, da pisanje blogov nekako prihaja iz mode. Kaj dobrega ali zanimivega se dogaja samo še redko kdaj, ne da?


Some more things French :-)

Allez Allez Allez Allez
Il faut en profiter, c’est une bonne journée!

Don’t know about you but I really love(d) Jessy Matador – this year’s French Eurovision contribution for the uninformed… 🙂

Must be my sunny disposition showing here…

OK OK, let me share some other lovely French things before you run away:

French Parking

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