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Quite A Love Affair, It Is.

Between yours truly and Luisenpark in Mannheim.

More pics on Flickr.

Sezonska potepanja in to.

A kaj da hobi veslači počnemo pozimi?

Hodimo na sprehode ob jezerih. Obujamo spomine na veslaška poletja. Fotkamo zimsko mrakobo.

Iščemo velike bobnarice v mraku.

Fotkamo prve pogumne sadeže.

S funkcijo “Sunset” na Lumixu fotkamo sončne zahode, zgroženi nad tehnološko pokičanostjo nastalih slik:

Zato te iste sončne zahode fotkamo tudi brez te “posebne” funkcije – ravno tako so prelepi:

Of Mice and Men

I will, I will, ask me!

While I am unsuccessfully trying to convince Jack Shephard to propose to me instead of Kate, my lawfully wedded husband is smiling derisively but not saying anything. Maybe because I never fail to mention lovely island boobs whenever they will occur in the middle of our LCD screen?

Obviously, the thing I most love about LOST is its mind-shattering complexity (meaning we discuss the possibility of fuel-saving time travel in the Pacific by a sub while eating our Monday soup I always fear my hubby has gotten fed up with secretly), but I never fail to get excited at all those lovely bodies, either. And yes, I prefer Jin and Sayid over Sawyer. His looks are boring (but luckily, he’s got an very interesting personality :-).)

How about we go running again, you know, on Saturdays, while there’s still some daylight?

A big smile on my face shows my husband how brilliant his idea actually is.

OK, we start in two weeks, I suggest.

It is Sunday, half past two and our intention of cooking a lovely pre-Valentine meal and celebrating a bit has just turned into a chips-crunching LOST-re-watching marathon that will end a minute or two before Monday begins.

Gotta love these non-cramped days…

Shedding Some Antler Velvet

Oh, I’d marry him straight away, too, I toss the line towards my husband.

He plays along, just as expected: Yeah, I thought you would. Women love doctors, don’t you?

Oh, no! This is just about Matthew Fox, it’s him who’s hot, this ain’t about doctors, I swear!

Oh, common! 😈

No, I mean it. I can’t stand this bunch of status symbol lovers posing as ultimate human beings. Actually, I think doctor, teacher and priest are not professions at all, they are diagnoses, I add a hyperbole to the insult, just to get away with loving Matthew Fox.

Since he is a nice person, he doesn’t mention my own corresponding diagnosis, printed on a brown sheet of paper with a university logo on the top. Or maybe it’s because he’s too busy laughing at my staged rudeness …