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So I haven’t told you what I’ve been up to for months?

Actually, I have, but I went to Instagram for that. Sorry.

It’s just that I am busier than the police allows 🙂 and need my words to earn some money and pass exams.

For the record: I am now officially old. In December, I invited my husband to a trip to Paris – to see a few museums. Jep.  And it’s not just that: I cannot help but recommend the City of Science and Industry, Gallery of Evolution, Gallery of Mineralogy and Geology and Gallery of Paleontology (MNHN) wholeheartedly. In fact, I sincerely hope to see them again soon. Fans Of All the Light We Cannot See will understand 🙂

Here is why we were so happy there, in a nutshell:





Wish you ..

Happy. New. Year 2017.


Third Time Lucky?

This Tuesday I realized just how relaxing my winter holidays had been … After not having slept well during the night before I started creating all kind of worries out of nothing during the day, just because it was my first working day this year and, you know, because I could, who’s to stop me?!? Silly moose.

Luckily we got our Anno 1404 that day, so we played till midnight and after having built houses for 1000 medieval peasants and earned loads of golden coins, I slept really well.

And then there’s the question of how I could ever survive any beginning of anything new if we didn’t have the elliptical?  … No way. There’s no modern life without sport, let me tell ya.

Oh, and since I have just mentioned new things …

– I managed to salvage my PC by formatting disk C and re-installing everything. Actually, it feels like I have just given my Esme a bottle of PC-Botox, she purrs happily while doing everything I want her to. I always knew XP was good for me.

– …

(I have no idea how to announce the next two things that are really very important to me. I mean: how do you talk about things you feel very happy about but not really conceited or braggy? Things that fill you with awe in general but not self-importance in particular? 😯

No idea, really. Let’s do it straightforward, that’s what Sagittariusses are for.)

– Erm … I got this tiny little notebook from Santa because I am going to start studying this spring. An open university course, part-time. Law. Bachelor if I can make it (but probably won’t, with this much work to do).

Phew. 😳

Novi rubriki

Mogoče ste opazili, da imamo na Losovju svoje goste radi in jim kdaj celo ustrežemo v pisni obliki …

Ne? No, vseeno je temu tako. 😈

OK, tole je bilo ogrevanje, sledi naznanilo: uvajam dve novi blogerski rubriki.

1. Ponedeljkovo receptovanje se bo pojavilo, kadar bom imela kakšen nov vegetarijanski recept. Vpogled v svoje kuhinjske lonce bom omogočila po želji M in S.

2. V sredo pa lepo besedo. Tele sem se spomnila včeraj, ko sem bila komunikacijsko odrezana od sveta in prisiljena v kakovosten prosti čas, da se ne ljutim preveč. Ker zadnje čase Spini vsake toliko zatežim z novo lepo nemško besedo, sem se odločila, da bom to raje počela na svojem blogu – tako uboga punca vsaj dobi izbiro med branjem in nebranjem :-). Namen rubrike je predstaviti besedo ali idiom, ki mi je pri srcu, največkrat v nemščini, z veseljem pa se bom lotila tudi kakšnega drugega jezika. Stvar je torej zastavljena subjektivno, vaša subjektivna mnenja pa so zaželena.