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Die Murgleiter. 110 km Schwarzwald in 5 Tagen.

Wir haben das Jahr der Challenges.

Es ist natürlich nicht auszuschließen, dass das auch für unseren ganzen Planeten ein Jahr der Herausforderungen ist, aber das Jahr der Challenges im engeren Sinne gibt es nur bei uns zwei zu Hause. Wir haben es nämlich voriges Jahr als solches ausgerufen.

Dieses Jahr saßen wir dann an einem verregneten Abend in einem Bierzelt und guckten den Menschen aus verschiedenen Epochen der Geschichte zu, wie sie unter den dicken Regentropfen herumeilten, Schwerter oder Böttiche trugen, den Matsch da draußen auf unterschiedlichsten Sohlen bewältigten und auch sonst authentisch nach Mittelalterart zu wirken versuchten.

“Und wenn wir die Paddeltour auf später verschieben und erstmal eine Wandertour machen?”, rutschte es aus meinem biergeschmierten Mund. “Da gibt es doch die …. Mu- Murgtour. Nein, die Murgleiter. Die müsste doch in einer Woche zu machen sein.”

Und da wir an dem Abend zweistimmig beschlossen hatten, auf der Murgleiter zu wandern, änderten wir den Plan auch dann nicht mehr, als wir sahen, dass es 110 km sein werden, für die offiziell 5 Tage veranschlagt waren.

“So eine Wanderung habe ich noch nie gemacht.” gab ich zu. Mein Rekord waren 21 km an einem Tag und dann 7 Tage ganz schlimmes Aua, laut kundgetan “Aber wir schaffen das schon.” (Und wenn nicht, kann ich mich eventuell auf mein Sternzeichen ausreden – soll ganz modern sein, diese Masche; das war der Beitrag des Herrn Hintergedanks. Ein schlauer Bursche, wenn auch bisschen zu sarkastisch für meinen Geschmack.)

Was soll ich sagen, wir haben es geschafft. In sechs Tagen, weil wir einen Tag Pause einlegen mussten, da die Nacht zu heiß zum Schlafen wurde. Ansonsten wären es fünf geworden.

Und nichts ist, wie es war, denn die Frage nach dem nächsten Mal steht plötzlich ganz groß im Raum.

Dass Schwarzwald so ziemlich großartig ist, wussten wir aber schon davor. Und der Fernwanderweg “Die Murgleiter” ist aus vielen Gründen zu empfehlen: Er ist wunderschön, vielseitig, anstrengend genug und problemlos mit dem Zug (und Bus) zu erreichen, sodass man alle fünf Etappen ausschließlich mit Hilfe der öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel beginnen und abschließen kann. Mit bisschen Glück sieht man Feuersalamander, Füchse, Turmfalken, Rehe, Weinflaschen …








So I haven’t told you what I’ve been up to for months?

Actually, I have, but I went to Instagram for that. Sorry.

It’s just that I am busier than the police allows 🙂 and need my words to earn some money and pass exams.

For the record: I am now officially old. In December, I invited my husband to a trip to Paris – to see a few museums. Jep.  And it’s not just that: I cannot help but recommend the City of Science and Industry, Gallery of Evolution, Gallery of Mineralogy and Geology and Gallery of Paleontology (MNHN) wholeheartedly. In fact, I sincerely hope to see them again soon. Fans Of All the Light We Cannot See will understand 🙂

Here is why we were so happy there, in a nutshell:





Sleepless In Denmark

“Remember having asked me about possible reasons for not doing this anymore?” he says suddenly, unexpectedly. “This would be one. But we can avoid that in the future.”

He is right, of course: while we have started our paddling tour in Denmark before the school holidays begin, we should still have expected larger campsites to attract youngsters of a certain kind at any time. Certain kind means being able to tow unbelievable quantities of beer crates to the campsite and at the same time unable to get very far by paddling on the river, which is where the cars come in, at some later point.

And did I mention the Soccer World Cup was to start soon?

Anyway, we did not get much sleep in our tent that night, but I chose not to grow the huge bags under my eyes without a fight. I shared my personal opinion about the partying youngsters with my restless husband and didn’t spare him any details: I was quite sure the Danes understood enough German to know what my problem was. They did. And were soon making fun of my “Scheiße!”. Which was when the i-word was used. But before things got any worse, the idiots stopped singing, yelling and talking and went to sleep, leaving us to try to do the same.

At that point, we had done quite some paddling and really needed some rest, and I would have preferred to end the day by going through the lovely pictures of the magnificent Gudenå in my head, but river fans cannot be choosers, so.

Our tour had started in Skanderborg, a day later than planned because the wind was trying so hard to blow away the gravity of the water, as it often does. What else to do but to go shopping instead: Aarhus offered its facilities and we said thank you, though we almost ended up buying nothing. That is: I bought 2 outdoor jackets for next to nothing and left them in the car for the rest of the paddling tour, because I wasn’t concentrating properly.

The next day we could finally cross the peaceful lake Mossø – it had apparently lost all the will to try to kill us that was on such a magnificent display the day before. I felt victorious, for no reason at all, and we entered the Gudenå system.

In this system of lakes, connected by the river Gudenå we spent another five days, which were even better than we had expected them to be, though our last long ride was full of rain, cold clouds, damp cows on moisty pastures and – singing, yelling and talking Danish youngsters at our destination. They had moved to our last campsite by cars and joined another group or two. That evening, Denmark won the soccer match against Peru. And we slept like two logs.

“We shall return,” he says a few days after the tour. “We will pack some ear plugs and avoid the high season and campsites in bigger places, but we will return. The river is magnificent.”

It is.

I have done it.

So I went to my client’s event and loved it. Every minute of it.

But the way there …

It all started at home, of course.

My two-weeks-ago-carefully-put-together outfit fell out due to one fact I had ignored when doing the sartorial maths. Luckily, I conjured the next outfit on the spot, as you would, and I still had enough time to check it out. Unluckily, the second outfit wasn’t good enough, either. I did tell you I had nothing to wear?!?!

Like in a fairy tale, it was the third outfit, born out of necessity (aka 5 minutes to go) that was good enough and made me feel well, so off I went.

Only to find myself in an old train half an hour later, wondering whether the 3 guys next to me were going to drink all that beer and what the strap of my brand new bag was doing down there. They didn’t, they were rather nice while sipping their beer, and the strap had gotten somehow detached from the bag – without my help.That something like this should happen!

So now what? What now so? Now what so?

Ahhh, my brain cell went, you have some safety pins in your kaputted bag – use them. So I did. The bag lasted till I made the first few steps in the small town I had been headed to.

Do you know Karstadt? It’s one of those warehouses that are going to be abolished because we all shop cheap things online these days (like bags). Anyway, there was a Karstadt near the venue I was headed for and they sold me a most lovely bag within minutes, made all the sympathetic noises while I told them about my stupid old bag, didn’t wince when I used their surfaces to empty the old bag and fill the new one and wished me a nice evening.

I threw away the old bag, what else and had myself a nice evening.

What have I done?

For a reason I cannot put my finger on, I said Yes. Yes, I can.

Attend a Christmas party of a client’s. Next month.

Now I can’t believe I actually said yes.

The thing is, I am very happy in my moosing cave and don’t really want to leave it for other people. On the other hand, I really want to get to know the people I am in daily e-mail contact with. It cannot hurt.

So before an endless inner war broke out, I said yes.

Now I have nothing to wear.

And what am I going to talk about – work?

And what about my hair?

And how do I get there?

How do I get home?

Why did I say yes?!?




That’s how mine was. The moving 15 kilometres away and setting up a new home with the old furniture and stuff.

Am officially a villager, as of today. For the first time in my life. I know, I know, it did seem as if, but no: as of today only.

Everyone owns dogs here which is a good thing as I like dogs but wouldn’t want to own any. 🙂

So How Was Yours?





My fifty shades

– … Would you please … beat me into sleeping the next time?

– … ❓ … 😀 … 🙄 …

– I’m so tired. I have no idea why I couldn’t sleep last night. I just couldn’t. I was awake as hell and it was 5 am. I checked. Now I cannot live. So just hit me senseless next time. You’ll sleep better, too, afterwards. What with my tossing and turning.



Karlsruhe Europaplatz

Na poti me sreča kamelji prst, oblečen v pepermintno zeleno. Vseeno sem olajšana: kakor koli že zgleda, prisotnost mladine je pomirjujoča. Življenje – ne: utapljanje v kritični masi starcev ne bo kos pogače, tudi če smo bodoči starci trenutno še moderne osebe srednjih let. Za razliko od plemenite konzervativnosti prehuda okostenelost duha pač dolgočasi in po nepotrebnem utruja. Ni mi do tega.

Zaenkrat pa vsi skupaj, staro in mlado, sedimo na vlaku, z zabasanimi ušesi. Ne vem, zakaj ima moj ajPod tako rad Leonarda, najbrž sem dobila izdelek s posebej melanholičnim slučajnostnim algoritmom, na srečo je Cohen tudi meni pri srcu. Na srečo imam rada tudi Adele, čeprav je moja glasbena škatlica ne zna nehati igrati, takoj po prvi pesmi. Na srečo me velikokrat tudi preseneti.

Wo ist dein Schuh? Du hast ihn verloren … Als ich dir den Weg zeigen musste. Wer hat verloren?

Utrujena. Premalo spanja.

Skrbi me. Študij sem vpisala iz povsem logičnih razlogov, sedaj pa mi gre na živce, da imam premalo časa zanj. Kot vedno bi veliko raje študirala kot delala. Take mam že od
Vseeno nisem čisto prepričana, da me privlači samo študij – morebiti svoj čisto poseben čar nad mano izživlja tudi navidezna moč, ki jo oddajajo zakoniki? Brskanje po njih? Vse večje poznavanje pravil? Zakaj ljudje študirajo pravo – zaradi denarja ali subjektivnega prirasta moči? Oboje najbrž.

Ko tako berem kvazi informativna besedila na spletnih straneh odvetniških družb, ki razkrivajo, katere predpise po novem kršimo in pred katerimi posledicami se lahko z njihovo pomočjo hitro rešimo – mar je reklama na osnovi strahu pri tako (pozor: ironija) plemenitem poklicu primerna? Mar ne bi bilo nujno, da vsi skupaj takoj začnemo ravnati, kot da se požvižgamo na juristične vladarje v ozadju? No, ne čisto. Pravzaprav: seveda ne. Ampak vprašam pa se lahko. Vprašanja so koristna stvar. Si upam pojesti breskev?

Ja, veselim se svojega seminarja: tri in pol ure minejo kot v hipu. Mogoče se bom kdaj sprijaznila tudi z dejstvom, da bo moj uspeh na izpitih zaradi pomanjkanja časa vedno pod velikim vprašajem, veliko večjim kot kdaj koli prej. Glavno, da se kaj naučim, vse ostalo je daleč preveč dolgočasno.

Na primer Karlsruhe: živ dolgčas. Postajališče Europaplatz je pri nakupovalnem središču, kamor po novem hodijo najstniki z vseh vetrov, da si v znanem irskem šopu napolnijo ogromne nakupovalne vreče za malo keša. Na drugi strani? Ravno tako trgovine. Tudi na tretji in četrti strani trga isto. Ja no. Kaj pa bi rada?

Želite kartico zvestobe? Blagajničarka se mi avtomatsko simpatično nasmehne, ko kartico odklonim. Kdaj sem bila nazadnje v knjigarni? Hmmm … Če ne bi Civilnega zakonika pozabila doma, me tudi danes ne bi videli, pa ga rabim na seminarju. Za brskanje in odgovarjanje na vprašanja. Zdaj si že upam. Na začetku študija sem se vsakokrat tudi malce prestrašila, ker s svojim naglasom privlačim več pozornosti, kot bi mi bilo pri srcu. Tudi če so moji stavki pravilni. Nič več strahu. Tudi govorci z napačnim naglasom imamo svoje pravice. In vprašanja.

BGB pospravim in si grem pogledat modrce v ha und em. Lepi so, res.

Malce pred deseto polna jurističnega znanja spet stojim na postaji in opazujem mladino. Kul klobuk, krasen pirsing, množica zanimivih rukzakov in čudovitih čevljev. Fajn. Seveda imamo tudi tokrat skoraj vsi zaštopana ušesa. Ob tej uri tudi velja povečana nevarnost ropa: predvsem mobilci so zaželeni. Hm, bi tudi meni tatovi vrnili moj handy, ko bi ugotovili, da gre za neuporabno, desetletje staro nokijo?

Zaspana sem.

3_gernsbach duda

Gute Frage.

Ausländische Mitbürger haben auch dann schlechtere Chancen auf dem deutschen Arbeitsmarkt, heißt es, wenn sie dieselbe Ausbildung wie ihre deutschen Mitbewerber anzubieten haben. Somit nutzt ihnen der ganze in Deutschland absolvierte Bildungsweg kaum, wenn der Familienname falsch ist.

Schlingligerweise frage ich mich, ob die Beibehaltung des nichtdeutschen Familiennamens in Kombination mit einem Job, denn eindeutig nur Muttersprachler anderer Sprachen machen sollen, irgendwelche Vorteile bringt? Weil wenn ja, her damit!