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News. Sort of.

– The sparkling PC is back again. It was the power supply unit that felt like presenting a firework and the repair wasn’t expensive. Also, everything I ever said or did is still there. Etched upon the hard disk. 🙄

– I can’t believe I really got up at 6.30 today because the nice vegetableman said he’d come at 6.45. It’s 6.58 now.

– I’ve got a serious addiction. To our elliptical trainer.

– I may have to kill some ladybirds this year again. The Asian ones.

– I downloaded the new Terry Pratchett to my Kindle but since I am still reading Quicksilver (am now at 55 %, Kindle says so) Pratchett will have to wait. So will Eco and Greene. Well, isn’t that an astonishing queue waiting for yours truly? 🙂

– I had my soulfood again, yesterday: a salad with mozzarella and crisps. It’s just that I ate the whole bag of those crispy calorie crunchies, so any beneficial effect of Green Leaves was done away with. For your information: whole bag = 175 g. Am proud of myself. 🙂

– I made müsli cookies again yesterday, I also learnt a lesson afterwards: gradually adding more and more healthy stuff makes them crumble at the first sight. I needn’t bother since it is my hubby who does the vacuuming here, but it is strenuous to eat them, because they are disappearing before ever appearing in my mouth. Crisps never do that.

– Those of you who haven’t seen Battlestar Galactica yet: it’s a must. Just do it.

When Surfing The Net Can Save Lives & Co.

So you already knew surfing the net can save lives?

Well, I guess the guy taking a walk on the frozen North Sea coast didn’t expect it to save his life, not then and there…

As Spiegel reports, a woman saw him – his silhouette in the dim evening light – via a web cam and interpreted his light flashes correctly – he was lost! So she informed the police… Continue reading