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Sleepless In Denmark

“Remember having asked me about possible reasons for not doing this anymore?” he says suddenly, unexpectedly. “This would be one. But we can avoid that in the future.”

He is right, of course: while we have started our paddling tour in Denmark before the school holidays begin, we should still have expected larger campsites to attract youngsters of a certain kind at any time. Certain kind means being able to tow unbelievable quantities of beer crates to the campsite and at the same time unable to get very far by paddling on the river, which is where the cars come in, at some later point.

And did I mention the Soccer World Cup was to start soon?

Anyway, we did not get much sleep in our tent that night, but I chose not to grow the huge bags under my eyes without a fight. I shared my personal opinion about the partying youngsters with my restless husband and didn’t spare him any details: I was quite sure the Danes understood enough German to know what my problem was. They did. And were soon making fun of my “Scheiße!”. Which was when the i-word was used. But before things got any worse, the idiots stopped singing, yelling and talking and went to sleep, leaving us to try to do the same.

At that point, we had done quite some paddling and really needed some rest, and I would have preferred to end the day by going through the lovely pictures of the magnificent Gudenå in my head, but river fans cannot be choosers, so.

Our tour had started in Skanderborg, a day later than planned because the wind was trying so hard to blow away the gravity of the water, as it often does. What else to do but to go shopping instead: Aarhus offered its facilities and we said thank you, though we almost ended up buying nothing. That is: I bought 2 outdoor jackets for next to nothing and left them in the car for the rest of the paddling tour, because I wasn’t concentrating properly.

The next day we could finally cross the peaceful lake Mossø – it had apparently lost all the will to try to kill us that was on such a magnificent display the day before. I felt victorious, for no reason at all, and we entered the Gudenå system.

In this system of lakes, connected by the river Gudenå we spent another five days, which were even better than we had expected them to be, though our last long ride was full of rain, cold clouds, damp cows on moisty pastures and – singing, yelling and talking Danish youngsters at our destination. They had moved to our last campsite by cars and joined another group or two. That evening, Denmark won the soccer match against Peru. And we slept like two logs.

“We shall return,” he says a few days after the tour. “We will pack some ear plugs and avoid the high season and campsites in bigger places, but we will return. The river is magnificent.”

It is.


Altmühtal … and living is easy

I don’t need much time to state the obvious this time either: “I really love the Altmühl Valley. It feels so great to be here again. Let’s return in two years or so.”

He agrees. It is not only that we are proud of our daily proven paddling prowess :-), it is also that the Nature in the Altmühl Valley is wonderful and there are many great sights to see and things to do as we splish-splash downriver with our paddles, everything we need safely contained in our boat. Yes, even an alarm clock and a diary (You know, a small notebook with a pencil to write things in. A log, so to say.)

I am sure “Hiking in Kipfenberg Woods” does not make your heart beat faster, why should it, but I assure you this is one of the most beautiful places to sort of get lost in and just walk on, for hours. The soft, lush May everywhere, the strawberries, the birds … Wonderful.

“But your hollandaise is much better, even though this one is probably state of the art,” I mumble, my mouth full of asparagus. The next day, I will try to find out at this same restaurant, Der blaue Hecht, whether Bavarians can do vegan food. Yes, they can: my falafel was delicious AND they managed that without a hint of garlic 🙂

So when not sitting peacefully somewhere in Franken/Bavaria, walking around in the forests or paddling downriver like there was no tomorrow and waving to excited onlookers on the shores, we devoted our time to Roman relicts in the area, of which there are many to see. I especially loved the Roman thermae in Weißenburg and could imagine all the comforts to be had there. Not to forget the cleanliness!

Anyway, I know you are here for the photos, so here we go:

Going Teetotal

I might not have told you that before, but I adore wine.

The problem is, I really don’t like alcohol. Or it doesn’t like me, depends on the perspective.

Anyway, instead of counting pros and cons every time I feel like drinking wine, I will be drinking wine for teetotallers in the future:


(Haven’t tried any of them yet as they have just arrived, but my experience with sparkling wine shows there will be at least one sort somewhere along the shopping line I am going to love.)

OOTDs 6 & 7: Posh Moose, right?

It was cold outside, and quite grey, when I realized I wasn’t going to pass the economy exam: I didn’t understand anything we were supposed to learn during our Saturday seminar. At the same time, I felt unnaturally well. How come?

That day I found out I am a sucker for organic materials and non-poisonous clothes: it was my shirt that made me feel so well, a feeling I have been able to recreate and prove ever since. While “genetics” might be a strong word to use and probably not correct, I can still say I am a “natural born clothes snob” aka Posh Moose, right?

Anyway, I have been expanding my organic clothes treasure trove since that day and loving every piece of it. It’s a slow process because I don’t believe in organic cotton tees sold for 5 euro – what about the workers who made them? Did they survive? Can they eat? Breathe? This lack of belief in the necessity of textile workers torture for my own well-being (aka chock-full wardrobe) has lead to my cutting down on quantities purchased but also to some new, much beloved pieces of clothing  sharing my living space.

Like today’s OOTD 6 and OOTD 7: a pair of laser-designed jeans (noone died in the process of distressing them), combined with a cardigan (made of organic wool) my husband wanted to send back because of size issues. My favourite blouse (organic cotton) and a pair of trousers (not organic, but nice) my husband wanted to send back because of size issues.

After the jump. SFW.

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Sign of Times

“How about we choose 12 as our cooking orgy topic? You know, in each and every possible way. After all, twelve years seems to be quite a lot.”

“It is, isn’t it?”

“Well, the only thing I could complain of, but won’t, is that we’re both working too much and I don’t get to see you and do things together often enough.”

“True. But just imagine the other way around: What if you were happy for every minute you don’t get to see me by now?” 🙂

😆 “I find it very important, and I didn’t know I would, that we often like the same films and books, like Terry Pratchett, Neal Stephenson and Galactica and so on. At least the tiny part of our lives called leisure is well spent. And of course, the everyday life – you know my definition of a real man: a real man simply does the dishes or irons his shirt without attaching any ideological or psychological damage whatsoever to the process.”


Later that day I wonder how feminist our smug talk about our wedded life actually was.


Just in.


Yes, I am really going to do it.

Wear skirts and dresses more often, that is.

Tell It To My … Nose. AKA Moose Shopping Again. :-)

As it befits moose from small places hiding in their own office tundra most of their time I don’t really have any special abilities: you’d probably pay me not to sing, I speak ALL the foreign languages with an accent, kids would laugh at my drawings, (inline and ice) skaters would help me get up for the umpteenth time and china shop owners tend to lock their door at my approaching.

There is still one feature that has sort of overdone itself during the last few years in its development and that is my sense of smell.

POOR Moose! Just imagine: a veggie loving animal living in a country where sausages, garlic and meat are the most important things in the world. In our house, there are a few people who obviously can’t cook – don’t know how you can make shit out of meat with garlic but they do (I still remember how these things should really smell). So I suffer. Generally, if I complain about your abuse of garlic and onions, it is mostly because I have such problems with the stench (and not because you are eating the stuff) that even thinking of it, in combination with some well-known foods I also like, repulses me. A bit or two. Not too much. Just about enough to let you know. 😈

Oh, before I forget to tell you about shopping: I stopped buying clothes on 01. 12. 2011. For 6 months even thinking of new clothes made me shudder in repulsion (no exaggeration here). Luckily, I can wear at home what I want and I don’t really need that much presentable stuff, but at some point I decided to think and wonder about my strong distaste. By means of analysis 🙂 I found out it has 2 sources: I hate it when things just lie around unused and I cannot connect any experience, story or feeling with them. I hate the fact that I owe 3 fleece jackets but have never worn one of them outside, so it does not have a meaning for me, apart from the fact that it is grass green, a colour I love. And the other reason? You guessed it: the stench. Of cheap clothes bought online. 😦

For quite some time my hubby has been developing a deep appreciation for natural fibres professionally made into good clothes and at some point, I decided to buy some underwear made of organic cotton, too. At an online shop that has been proved by independent organisations to provide The Real Thing. Like: No animals, people or plants suffered in the process. I loved the things instantly and wear them every day ever since. Next, I decided to stock up on some basics: shirts and pullovers, mostly. And do away with all those polyester Stinks in my wardrobe. I didn’t buy too many, that would be stupid – I still work at home and wear things that were washed often enough not to stink.

But with that, I did end my No Shopping Period after 6 months and will introduce the next one at some later time. I think I am generally done with cheap clothing. I know now that I MUCH prefer 2 organic cotton pullovers to 16 latest fashion polyester ones (and thus A Snob Moose was born). 🙂

Now, about that garlic in your food- 😆

Sobotni seminar pisanja pravnih mnenj

Nekje na polovici je bilo konec heca: “Ne bom se dotikala tvojega BGB-ja,” sem rekla sošolcu, “da ga ne poškodujem, v tem primeru imaš pravico do odškodnine.”

Ravnokar smo s pomočjo nemškega Civilnega zakonika (BGB, Bürgergesetzbuch) strokovno začeli obdelovati posamezne primere, ki jih kao piše juristično življenje, ko smo prišli do dejstva, da se je v razredu zgodilo nekaj stvari, ki so BGB-relevantne. “Na primer prijazen sošolec, ki je sošolki šel po kavo,” se nasmehne predavateljica, “če bi kavo razlil, recimo nekje na stopnicah, bi ji bil dolžan odškodnino, saj mu je dala denar za kavo.” Spogledamo se v navidezni grozi in se začnemo smejati. Tako torej nastanejo prvi vici za pravnike. 😯

Po 8 urah izdelovanja pravnih strokovnih mnenj (s poldrugo uro odmora) sem čisto plat, spihalo mi je možgane. Hkrati je bilo noro zanimivo.

V odmoru za kosilo sem šla na hitro kupit BGB, saj brez njega od sedaj ne bo šlo več. 5 evrov stane zadnja izdaja, letos je pričakovati še kakšno. Mimogrede sem pobrskala še na oddelku francoskih knjig (joj, obožujem velike knjigarne – bedaki, ki kupujemo samo še v a-ma-coni) in našla dve kao razumljivi knjigi (nisem fenica Cecilie Ahern, vendar mi francoščina zgleda … berljiva), kar me je še bolj osrečilo.

Zvečer je na vlaku smrdelo še bolj kot po navadi, saj so se ljudje vsi vlažni od dežja nabasali v vročo notranjost mestne železnice. Ne morem verjeti, kako zelo smrdijo moški v oblačilih dragih znamk, če se očitno ne umivajo. Ljek.

Še vedno sem izmučena. In čisto navdušena.

Ah, in v Zafonu sem našla naslednji koristen stavek, na 39. strani (toliko sem tudi stara):

Arrivé à ce point, je me trouvais réduit à l’état d’idiot […]. (C. R. Zafon, L’Ombre du vent, str. 39)

Third Time Lucky?

This Tuesday I realized just how relaxing my winter holidays had been … After not having slept well during the night before I started creating all kind of worries out of nothing during the day, just because it was my first working day this year and, you know, because I could, who’s to stop me?!? Silly moose.

Luckily we got our Anno 1404 that day, so we played till midnight and after having built houses for 1000 medieval peasants and earned loads of golden coins, I slept really well.

And then there’s the question of how I could ever survive any beginning of anything new if we didn’t have the elliptical?  … No way. There’s no modern life without sport, let me tell ya.

Oh, and since I have just mentioned new things …

– I managed to salvage my PC by formatting disk C and re-installing everything. Actually, it feels like I have just given my Esme a bottle of PC-Botox, she purrs happily while doing everything I want her to. I always knew XP was good for me.

– …

(I have no idea how to announce the next two things that are really very important to me. I mean: how do you talk about things you feel very happy about but not really conceited or braggy? Things that fill you with awe in general but not self-importance in particular? 😯

No idea, really. Let’s do it straightforward, that’s what Sagittariusses are for.)

– Erm … I got this tiny little notebook from Santa because I am going to start studying this spring. An open university course, part-time. Law. Bachelor if I can make it (but probably won’t, with this much work to do).

Phew. 😳

A Problem Solved Is A …

For those of you who hadn’t noticed: I hadn’t been to my hairdressers’ for a long, long time. Like: 5 months.

And then, last Friday, this ad appeared in our house: a hairdresser offering to visit her customers. All I ever wanted!

At first I was excited but then I started to also think: am I really going to invite an unknown person into our flat to cut my hair even though I’ve always been happy with my hairkillers?

Suddenly, it didn’t feel like a good idea at all. So I finally went to my beloved hairkillers: I didn’t have much work to do anyway.

I had to wait for an hour or more, but since this is one of the two opportunities I read Brigitte, Bunte, Cosmopolitan & Co. (the other being at the dentist’s) I waited patiently.

My Friday’s hairkiller was as nice as always and I was satisfied with the result.

Don’t know if I ever left with such long hair before … 😯 Continue reading