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Third Time Lucky?

This Tuesday I realized just how relaxing my winter holidays had been … After not having slept well during the night before I started creating all kind of worries out of nothing during the day, just because it was my first working day this year and, you know, because I could, who’s to stop me?!? Silly moose.

Luckily we got our Anno 1404 that day, so we played till midnight and after having built houses for 1000 medieval peasants and earned loads of golden coins, I slept really well.

And then there’s the question of how I could ever survive any beginning of anything new if we didn’t have the elliptical?  … No way. There’s no modern life without sport, let me tell ya.

Oh, and since I have just mentioned new things …

– I managed to salvage my PC by formatting disk C and re-installing everything. Actually, it feels like I have just given my Esme a bottle of PC-Botox, she purrs happily while doing everything I want her to. I always knew XP was good for me.

– …

(I have no idea how to announce the next two things that are really very important to me. I mean: how do you talk about things you feel very happy about but not really conceited or braggy? Things that fill you with awe in general but not self-importance in particular? 😯

No idea, really. Let’s do it straightforward, that’s what Sagittariusses are for.)

– Erm … I got this tiny little notebook from Santa because I am going to start studying this spring. An open university course, part-time. Law. Bachelor if I can make it (but probably won’t, with this much work to do).

Phew. 😳

A Problem Solved Is A …

For those of you who hadn’t noticed: I hadn’t been to my hairdressers’ for a long, long time. Like: 5 months.

And then, last Friday, this ad appeared in our house: a hairdresser offering to visit her customers. All I ever wanted!

At first I was excited but then I started to also think: am I really going to invite an unknown person into our flat to cut my hair even though I’ve always been happy with my hairkillers?

Suddenly, it didn’t feel like a good idea at all. So I finally went to my beloved hairkillers: I didn’t have much work to do anyway.

I had to wait for an hour or more, but since this is one of the two opportunities I read Brigitte, Bunte, Cosmopolitan & Co. (the other being at the dentist’s) I waited patiently.

My Friday’s hairkiller was as nice as always and I was satisfied with the result.

Don’t know if I ever left with such long hair before … 😯 Continue reading

He Made Me Do It!

He = my hubby

Made Me = convinced me

Do = buy – because I am going to go on a sartorial fasting spree in a month

It = a lovely black leather shopper. Italian.

A Post On Marriage? Nope. Not Me.

So we’ve been married for the last 8 years – the date on our marriage licence says so (yeah, I’m THAT old).

Well, so what.

I mean: I still haven’t found any intelligent or insightful things to say about it all. Continue reading