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That’s How We Do … Green Asparagus

With ‘tatoes, fried tofu and almonds (& tahini & balsamic vinegar):


The woman above us is sending soap bubbles towards the red setting sun and never has our suburb looked so beautiful. Or playful.

Yesterday, it was even warm enough to sit outside and read Martin: last week, I had managed to repair our huge old blind and clean all the highway-dusted surfaces on the balcony.

It’s a bank holiday today in Germany, a good thing, too … well, HE, for example, has cleaned all the windows in the afternoon, which he likes to do, while German fathers have been carousing around with their Bollerwagen. And yes, even after ten years of marriage, I am happy when HE stays at home, even though I don’t expect him to do anything special, just BE. I might be what you’d call a hopeless case.

Studying? Yes, I am. I can.

– – –

So, tell me: do you feel as terrible as I do when reading about the 1000 dead people in Dhaka and knowing we were and are supporting slavery, abuse and death? I know I do. 😦

Herrje. Und so.

Vor allem aber bin ich beleidigt. Diese Leute haben mir meinen Mathegenuss genommen und ich zahle auch noch dafür.
Noch vor zwei Monaten konnte ich es kaum erwarten, mit dem BWL-Modul anzufangen und endlich Mal die Mathe anzuwenden, die wir im Auffrischungskurs, nun, aufgefrischt hatten. Der mir so wahnsinnig viel Spaß gemacht hat. Continue reading

Gute Reise, Christa Wolf.

Und danke.