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Nedeljsko endorfiniranje


Špargljeva juha … mmm

A kaj da jemo taki, ki nas v Parizu ni bilo mogoče kulinarično zadovoljiti?

Vse živo. Najprej sem naročila tri vrečke angleškega zelenjavnega čipsa:


Potem sem naredila bazmati, kot prilogo pa koromač s hruškami in jabolki:


Pa skrajni čas je bil za naslednjo špargljevo juho. Bi tudi ti?


t.i. jušne šparglje, torej take, ki imajo pretrdo lupino za kaj drugega ali niso povsem brezhibni. Nama jih je biokmet za ne preveč denarja navrgel celo kilo, najbrž bi zadostovalo tudi veliko manj.

maslo, malce bele moke (vsakega po 2 žlici), 4 žlice smetane (npr. sojine)

sol, poper, sladkor, peteršilj


S špargljev odrežeš nekaj glavic (čisto pri vrhu, največ 10) in jih daš na stran. Šparglje narežeš na 5-centimetrske kose in jih daš kuhat v lonec vode (jaz sem vzela en liter za dve osebi), ki jo posoliš in pocukraš.

Ko voda s šparglji zavre, daš na majhno vročino in jih pustiš, da se kuhajo.

V drugem loncu raztopiš 2 zvrhani žlici masla in dodaš moko (2 poravnani žlici) ter pomešaš, da dobiš gladko zmes. Kuhljaš na majhnem ognju, vsake toliko pomešaš – ne sme biti grudic in zmes ne sme porjaveti (najbrž se ti ne bo zgodilo čisto nič od tega, ma kdobivedel).

Preveriš z vilico, ali so šparglji že kuhani. Če so, jih previdno malce razturaš s primernim mečkalnikom (jaz sem uporabila tisto luknjasto analogno zadevo za pire), ravno preveč se ti ne bodo dali, ker so že prestari in prežilavi, ma vseeno lahko poskusiš iz njih ročno iztisniti malce sredice za več okusa. Če ne gre, pač ne gre.

Nad lonec z maslom in moko daš cedilo in špargljev močnik precediš neposredno na belo prežganko (to je namreč zadeva iz moke in masla) v loncu. Dobro premešaš in dodaš smetano (jaz sem jo s paličnim mešalnikom, ma tudi če ne bi … če hočeš bolj kremno juho, rabiš več smetane), potem še tistih 10 špargljevih glavic in ščepec popra, na majhnem ognju pustiš še 5 minut.

V jušnik daš narezane peteršiljeve liste (še boljša je krebuljica) in čezenj naliješ juho. Postrežeš.

Moji šparglji so bili pretanki, premalo enakomerni in imeli so preveč trde lupine, zato sem jih samo narezala in na koncu vrgla v smeti. Seveda lahko za juho uporabiš tudi fine šparglje, ki jih olupiš, skuhaš po zgornjem navodilu, vodo uporabiš za juho, te pa postrežeš ločeno, po želji.

Midva sva nazadnje v juhi jedla tudi žličnike iz tistega polnozrnatega bučnega testa za njoke od zadnjič, saj jih je bilo treba porabiti. Mož je na juho potresel nastrgani sir, jaz pa jedilni kvas. Na koncu sva bila sita oba 😀


Danes sem nama naredila ogromno skledo ledenke s paradajzki češnjevci in bučnim oljem, zraven pa pečen kruh (torej v jajcih povaljane kose polnozrnatega kruha iz ponve) … 🙂

Gnocchi … Njami :-)

Zwischenablage03(de-frozen carrot gnocchi and … lavender! For the sauce. Because I knew they were going to taste vaguely vegetably, slightly spicey and not too flourey and I wanted a pinch of surprise also in the sauce) Continue reading

Of Spice Moose. Making Gnocchi.

You know, an ordered quantity of organic veggies may turn out to be ridiculous in certain situations.

Like when he says he’ll be going on a business trip on Monday and I accuse him he’s going just to avoid the obligatory Monday soup 😀

Anyway, in such cases I am stuck with loads of veggies I cannot use only for myself, so I have to freeze them.

And if they happen to be a Hokkaido squash, sweet potatoes or carrots, I may bake them in the oven, with too many spices, too much salt, some olive oil and some water, and make gnocchi dough with wholemeal flour out of them. The dough lands in the freezer, well-portioned, and simply gets cut and cooked whenever we want to eat gnocchi. I’ve also tried to make potato gnocchi a few times, but we didn’t like them: I am sure it is because I am not from the coastal region of Slovenia and genetically unable to make good traditional pasta. Which is why I turned to Ayurveda for spices.

And now for the photos.



(raw carrots from the freezer, appr. 700-800 g) Continue reading

That’s How We Do … Green Asparagus

With ‘tatoes, fried tofu and almonds (& tahini & balsamic vinegar):


The woman above us is sending soap bubbles towards the red setting sun and never has our suburb looked so beautiful. Or playful.

Yesterday, it was even warm enough to sit outside and read Martin: last week, I had managed to repair our huge old blind and clean all the highway-dusted surfaces on the balcony.

It’s a bank holiday today in Germany, a good thing, too … well, HE, for example, has cleaned all the windows in the afternoon, which he likes to do, while German fathers have been carousing around with their Bollerwagen. And yes, even after ten years of marriage, I am happy when HE stays at home, even though I don’t expect him to do anything special, just BE. I might be what you’d call a hopeless case.

Studying? Yes, I am. I can.

– – –

So, tell me: do you feel as terrible as I do when reading about the 1000 dead people in Dhaka and knowing we were and are supporting slavery, abuse and death? I know I do. 😦

Comfort Couscous & Stuff

Sometimes, I really don’t know what to cook for lunch.

You know, when keeping up with Lohases, every day healthy food is veeery important. 😈 But it’s not always that easy to know what we’d appreciate that day, especially when other things (like recycling, refashioning or resleeping) are on my mind.

Fortunately, I do not have to ask my hubby what he’d like to eat – I know the answer by heart: “Well, if you really don’t know what to make, how about some … couscous?!?”

Should you have a couscous lover in your family, let me share my favourite recipe for this lovely kind of pasta I usually try to healthy up and end up with a good taste thrown in:

(for 2 persons):

3 cloves of garlic

3 onions

1 cup of couscous (you’ll need to find out which cup size is right for you – mine is large) + 1,5 cups of water

some fat (I use olive oil)

chilli, salt, other spices (curry, garam masala, thyme … whatever you like)

some tofu cubes, some sliced mushrooms, half a cup of sesame seeds, flax seed, ground almonds …

if you like them, some tahini, nutritional yeast or ground cheese to be served with

First of all: throw away the garlic and the onions, for they are an Abomination and shouldn’t even be there.

Thoroughly clean all the garlic and onion tinged surfaces and then boil the water with salt, switch off the heat, put couscous into the water, cover the pot and let couscous drink up the water (I have no idea how much time YOUR couscous will need for that. Mine is of the brown kind, organic, and needs 15 minutes to become all mushy).

After it’s finished, heat up some olive oil in a pan, add chilli and other spices you might like, roast them gently on middle heat and then turn up the heat again: add mushrooms, tofu, stir, add couscous, spoon by spoon. After it’s been dried out sufficiently, turn down the heat again, add the seeds/the nuts (sesame, flax and almonds, remember?) and roast it all gently till you are happy with the results. Serve with yeast, cheese or tahin. Smile.


BTW, do you know what this is:

pizza roh


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Easy Easter Eating

Like a few times before, we didn’t really bother to invent brand new things this Easter, but that’s OK.


(pea soup jelly, bread with tofu and veggies, apple with cheese and figs) Continue reading

Why Vegans Win

That’s why: Continue reading

Mmm …Mushrooms

Love them – don’t you?

Due to lack of time I bought instead of just picking my first cep today and prepared it together with some mashed potatoes (from the box) and pea sauce (frozen peas), only to find out my hubby doesn’t really like them. Ceps, porcinos, penny buns, boletes, whatever they are called in the English speaking part of the world. We call them Steinpilze, I call them grbanji in my mind and my hubby not really liking them means I get the whole portion next time. 🙂

1. First I roasted many different spices for the pea sauce – my Ayurveda cookbook requires me to use the whole programme: cumin, black cumin, turmeric, cilantro, black pepper, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, all of them ground, and to smile smugly at the thought most people would add garlic, too, because spicy food definitely means garlic, no? 😈 Well, not in my book: it never mentions any garlic or onions.

Next, I put a bunch of frozen peas (300 g) onto the spices and added some salt and some hot water (300 ml), then I let it all simmer as long as necessary for the frozen peas to get cooked (might have been 15 minutes).

2. I heated some clarified butter in another pot and roasted my mushroom in it, sliced into mouth-appropriate pieces. I added a bit of salt and let it all simmer for a few minutes, then I added a few spoons of water so that my mushroom wouldn’t stick.

3. I made mashed potatoes according to the instructions on the box.

4. Then I added a non-dietary quantity of soy cream to the peas and mashed them thoroughly to get a sauce.

I really liked the results. And as I said: hurray for the double portion of mushrooms next time!

Kompliciran recept za zelo preprosto in zdravo juhco. Zakaj pa ne?

Za 2 osebi potrebujete: 2 večja šampinjona (2 glavici), kos dimljenega tofuja, jušne testenine, 1 bučko, malce soli, popra, suhega peteršilja in olja. 1 liter vode.

Vse skupaj bo trajalo kakšnih 50 ali pa samo 20 minut. Odvisno od tega, ali so tudi vaše bučke malce grenke.

Najprej bučko prerežite na pol in polovički nasolite – seveda samo, če strokovno preverjanje s polizom prerezane površine nakazuje na inherentno grenkobo bučke 🙂 . Nato si vzemite 25 minut fraj (online šoping? katalogi? odtenki sive?)

Čez 25 minut pod tekočo vodo splahnite šampinjona, odstranite stebli in glavici narežite, ravno tako narežite kos tofuja. Na štedilnik dajte lonec z 1 litrom vode, v vodo dajte sol, poper, šampinjone, tofu in malce olja (jaz sem dala kakšno žličko olivnega). Zavrite in preklopite na srednji ogenj ter dodajte testenine. Moje so bile abecedne, predvideni čas kuhanja 15 minut.

Polovici bučke sperite pod tekočo vodo in ju narežite na trakce (z rezalnikom Žüljen). Surove trakce dajte v jušnik oziroma posodo, v kateri boste postregli z juho. Potresite z malce peteršilja in pokrijte.

V juho razbijte 2 jajci in vse skupaj kuhajte na majhnem ognju še kakšnih 10 minut. Juho prelijte čez bučke in jo postrezite.

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