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Predpraznično losovanje

Kaj čem, pasalo je. Sonček, skuštrana, z dvema krpama v roki in polnim vedrom pri nogah.

Čistila sem smetnjake pred bajto. Šest njih, za tri gospodinjstva. Če so pa bili umazani in resnično grd pogled z balkona. Pomlad je čas za balkonovanje, to se ve.

Sosed je bil zgrožen: “Pa brez rokavic?” Za trenutek sem odložila delo in mu podarila širok nasmeh v tistem trenutku samooklicane imunske zmagovalke:  “Ja. Gre hitreje.”

Ne, ne bi rekla, da imam pomešane pojme:

Seveda vem, da obstajajo racionalni razlogi, zakaj se v vasi mojega mladostniškega kmetovanja ženske niso bale grmenja, moški pa ne umazanije. Ko je grmelo, je bilo treba pridelke spravljati posebej hitro. Z umazanijo se človek na čisto ta pravi vasi sreča vsak dan in če bi bežal pred njo, bi tekel v krogu ali pa vstran. To je znano.

Spalne vasi pa … čist zrak, sonček, ptičke, rožice, mir in vsepovsod malce čuden folk. To je treba vedeti.

Nič hudega.

Še dobro, da se moram skrivati za svojim delom.

OOTD9: Party Time!

I must admit I don’t find the fact that we occasionally organize our own parties, just for the two of us, strange in any way. After all, it is nice to have a relaxed talk or a relaxing silence with someone you know while eating well, drinking merrily and wearing party clothes noone will comment upon because they get worn only for this purpose. Like really high heels: Continue reading

Heute: Darjeeling mit Fettaugen.


Business As Unusual

“I’ll open the bottle, OK? I don’t drink sparkling vine often, but let’s have it tonight.”

We nod, trying fast to conceal our suprise. Le French! Their art de vivre! Even here, in our tiny German village. What can you do.

A few minutes later we are deeply involved in a conversation (about life, the Universe and all the fish, no less) with this terribly nice French lady we have only met a few weeks before and the reason for visiting her gets almost forgotten in the process.

To sign the lease agreement for her garage.

Where have all …

the flowers gone?



Snow, baby, snow.

My Big Fat German Village Life

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So I have been …

… a Neglectessa these days, right?

Sorry, been running around and putting things in order, also trying to cope with some lack of sleep and did I tell you we might not travel anywhere this year, what with the few weeks spent for moving here.

Here: I now get my organic veggies between 2 and 3. PM. PM!

Village life is great, high time I do away with the consequnces of this weather- and stress-related (what? you’re not getting older?) lack of sleep …

Oh and: I applied for my next exam which is due on September 15 (still studying law, yep). German Civil Code. Probably won’t make it the first time but it could be a useful experience. Obviously, I am going to donate the amount of Teuros corresponding to my mark in %.

La dernière excursion – & OOTD



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That’s how mine was. The moving 15 kilometres away and setting up a new home with the old furniture and stuff.

Am officially a villager, as of today. For the first time in my life. I know, I know, it did seem as if, but no: as of today only.

Everyone owns dogs here which is a good thing as I like dogs but wouldn’t want to own any. 🙂

Moving …

– So you packed our … special films, right? 😆

– Yeeeessss?

– Well, it turns out you’ve overlooked, like, half of them. But the guys surely haven’t when packing them.

–  :blush:  … AAAA … 😆

– – –

– It would be better to unhinge the door so we can move stuff around more easily.

– OK. There you are.

– ??? So many men here and we leave it to the woman to unhinge the door?!?!

– Oh, I wanted to, no problem. 🙂

– Well then, we can go home if you don’t need us 🙂

– – –

– You know, we actually don’t party here all the time-

– I know, I know, neither do we. But the summer’s really beautiful, so what can we do, right?