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After Is Also Before

Aaaaahhhh, there you are, that’s what I thought when the fat book dropped into my welcoming hands. Now I am finally going to read you, Ulysses, I went on thinking. Good thing the heavily pierced mover did such a great job with our bookshelves.

And: pictures. Finally a place where the walls don’t hit back and remain ironically unspoiled when trying to hit in a nail or two.

Plants? They survived. A good thing, too. I guess telling them “either you survive or you’re bin material to be replaced mercilessly” is a good method – it worked these last 15 years. Should patent it.

Now I desperately need some non-habitat-related nice things to happen. Am quite exhausted by the requirements of … the science and/or mechanics of stuff.


That’s how mine was. The moving 15 kilometres away and setting up a new home with the old furniture and stuff.

Am officially a villager, as of today. For the first time in my life. I know, I know, it did seem as if, but no: as of today only.

Everyone owns dogs here which is a good thing as I like dogs but wouldn’t want to own any. 🙂

So How Was Yours?





My fifty shades

– … Would you please … beat me into sleeping the next time?

– … ❓ … 😀 … 🙄 …

– I’m so tired. I have no idea why I couldn’t sleep last night. I just couldn’t. I was awake as hell and it was 5 am. I checked. Now I cannot live. So just hit me senseless next time. You’ll sleep better, too, afterwards. What with my tossing and turning.



No, I Don’t Like It. Paris. (But it was still worth it.)

1 treppe

2 okno

3 ubahn

4 mraz

5 happy feet

6 versaj

7 versaj

8 versaj

9 trianon

10 trianon

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To Make It Official:

Noone Here

Noone Here

I am suffering from a serious case of Blogging Fatigue.

I’ll be back as soon as I get over it.

Nekaj pozitivnih strani recesije:


čisto stanovanje

zmeraj svež, doma pečen kruh

kmalu nov pleten pulover

Le kdaj bo že enkrat temu konec? 👿

No Moose Today, Sorry.

Ta lüčeni rejtaš PRESS

Wieso es mich ankotzt, den Soli zahlen zu müssen…

sieht man hier in aller Deutlichkeit.