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Kleingeschwätzeltes am Freitag / Petkove čvečkarije

Unser Biogemüsebauer schreibt uns, er würde zwar unsere Sorgen verstehen, aber sein Gemüse kann gar nicht verseucht sein, weil er: a) b) c).

Glaube ich gerne, es wird inzwischen aber auch nicht mehr so fest am Sündenbock Gemüse geglaubt.

Und obwohl ich mich gar nicht auskenne, dringt sich bei mir immer so die Vorstellung von Bakterien in Industrie-Rinder-Gedärm auf, die so viel Antibiotika im ihrem Leben gesehen haben, dass sie inzwischen pfeifend und grinsend vorbei rennen, um sich schleunigst mit anderen Arten zu vermehren und wirklich gefährlich zu werden.

Mit “richtig gefährlich” meine ich “Epilepsie verursachend, Nieren ausschaltend, Blut vergiftend”.

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Now I Got Worry :-)

Up to this year, I had managed to convince my hubby we didn’t need a canoe, a kayak being a much better idea.

I mean: the Inuit must have known what they were doing when they invented the kayak.

Also, it is not just any kayak we call our own: it is a renown product that Hannes Lindemann used to sail across the Atlantic, among other things. Our folding kayak’s framework could be 60 years old and the hull about 20, but it still manages to inspire trust in me while fighting all those Scandinavian waves for hours …

But then, my Beloved’s lust for new boating adventures seeped through my defences and so we got ourselves an Ally. That is: a folding canoe of Norwegian origin.

And now I tend to worry from time to time, about our holiday in Finland: what if I won’t like the single-bladed paddle? What if I don’t feel secure enough in my sitting position? What if it rains all the time in Finland and we’ll regret not having bought the spraydeck, which I don’t want because it fastens the paddler to the boat, way too much for my taste? And what if I wish we had taken the kayak with us …

Well, before I get to worry too much: I am at the same time looking forward to new adventures, I am!

Time For A Space Problem

During our Christmas shopping I noticed a can saying “eucalyptus inside” or similar and before I could even assess the rate of my growing curiosity and act accordingly (i.e. let my husband stop me) it was in our shopping cart.

I don’t know who it was made for, but the only instruction there is consists of three pictures on the can itself, the first one showing a watering can and small plants growing in the can, like this:

appr. 4 months old

The next picture shows a bigger plant growing in a regular pot. As to this stage, I don’t know where to put the pot since we already have many plants…

But let’s say a good hausfrau doth find a good place for another plant in the end…

On the third picture, our eucalyptus is growing outside, in front of a house. 😯

As you probably know, we don’t have a house. And which is even worse: we don’t have enough space for a large plant inside, because the only one available is already taken by my beloved lady Zamioculcas. And I have no idea how huge our eucalyptus is going to be, no idea whatsoever.

Which doesn’t prevent me from planting it into a larger pot one day. And then a larger one. And another…

Could it be this is so because I consider Time to be my greater worry than Space?

3,2,1…. Just Did It!

My first eBay purchase.


Too much fun…