Happy Moose: Week 52/2016

One thing I happen to be really good at is leisure. Free time. Holidays.

Sigh. And then some.

Last week, we played Anno 1404 till dawn a few times and slept very late, we visited the last Xmas market on 28th and bought quite a few sweets (nougat from Provence! Italian style cookies!) and we still managed to clean our home sufficiently before the new year arrived.  I really adore such simple pleasures and so much leisure.

Now, this is the last post in my Happy Moose 2016 series and a summary would be OK.

As we all know, 2016 wasn’t a good year. I actually wrote this post on December 30, just in case something happens before 2017 arrives to save us all. Which it probably won’t manage on its own, but still: some simple private claims shouldn’t be our world’s biggest, biggest problem.

And while I was often astounded at the quantity of bad news bestowed upon us this year, it wasn’t for the first time in my life I got to live in such an energy draining, scary period of time. I am actually a real pro at counting my blessings and being thankful for just about everything that won’t kill me. No sarcasm intended.

It was also a happy year, in many important ways: I read some good books, I found some time to study, we had a most beautiful summer paddling tour on Altmühl and a great time in Normandy (where I was forced to speak French and suprised myself at how much I could actually explain in a language that means so much to me)… I had a few deep discussions with my better half, which I always love but seldom find enough time and energy for, we laughed a lot because we roll this way …  and we spent many hours enjoying our workout, always a good topic to talk about.

Next year, I won’t be telling you about the ways I am happy. You will have found out by now my life’s not really that adventurous and maybe you even assumed I wrote about those happy moments for myself, more or less, so no need to continue telling you similar things next year (meaning I hope we survive next year). Nope, next year is back to Square One: I’ll just write what I want at the moment, in a language of my choice.

I wish you the best 2017 possible!

Happy. New. Year 2017.


Happy Moose: Week 51/2016

I guess it is always a good idea to start your December holiday right before the cold sets in. Luckily, it is not too strong so I have been enjoying myself nevertheless … reading, studying, cooking, doing nuffin 🙂

Happy Moose: Week 50/2016


One does not get any younger these days, but it is inner values that count. 😀

Happy Moose: Week 49/2016

Saturdays are reserved for cleaning, in our home. Meaning we stuff our ears with audio materials of our choice and do the work, each their own. I tend to listen to French translations of good books and I absolutely adore these moments. In the afternoon, we stop laboriously ignoring each other and prepare some food instead.

Greenery? Yes, please.


Happy Moose: Week 48/2016



Happy Moose: Week 47/2016

  • So, should I make a chocolate cake, a fruit cake or a nut cake?
  • Yes. 
  • Yes what?
  • All of them.


(In the end it turned out sometimes more is definitely more. Like: a dates-butter-cocoa-cranberries-tahini with pekmez-coconut-wholemeal cake. With perfect taste. *sigh indeed*)



Happy Moose: Week 46/2016

It has always been important to me to live in an area where a walk is always possible. To have an enchanting forest so near is simply wonderful.

week 45/2016