IMG_2392(Anas Crecca)

Kosilo s koprivami

Nekatere stvari se nekega dne pač zgodijo prvič.

Kot na primer priprava testa za skutni narastek z nadetimi gumijastimi rokavicami. Zaradi teh gospodičen:


Zabasala sem jih s skuto, tremi jajci, koščki trdega sira in malce moke z mičken pecilnega, posipala pa s pistacijami. 1 uro na 170.


O večini količin ne vem nič, temu se menda reče po občutku, narastek pa je bil resnično dober, če mi je meni sami dovoljeno tako opisati svoje lastno kosilo :-)


Ah, in: mične gospodične so me opekle pri pomivanju posode, saj je nekaj koščkov listov ostalo na deski za rezanje. Vse za zdravje, kaj naj rečem :-)

I Love Albersweiler






I’d hit it … and not.

When seeing Ellen kissing Rob today I realized I still find him terribly attractive. Or, as the Germans would put it: I wouldn’t push him from the edge of my bed …

Funny thing is, I used to adore Rob Lowe as a teenager and nowadays, I still get that dreamy feeling anywhere near his pics or even when thinking about him. Jep.
Good matured, isn’t he?

Other Real Hot Guys of Hollywood I’d hit?

Ian Somerhalder. Oh yes!

Adrien Brody. Definitely. (David Beckham, I love you.)

And Beyoncé!


And the guys I’d send away fast and furious?

There’s Brad I’d push into the Pitt.

And that Clooney guy, also.

Not to forget Ryan Gosling.


Who told you women shouldn’t talk that way? :-)

Come on, bring it on and don’t forget:

De gustibus non est disputandum

Hello, Ugly


I Adore Annweiler







asselstein2Climbers Clearly Adore Asselstein

asselstein(More about Asselstein in Wikipedia)



OOTD 3: To Supermarket And Back. Again.

I know, I know: you’ve all been really curious to find out what I wear to our local supermarket these days, while spring is heaping its warmth upon us and the sand from Sahara is shading our view.

Well, apart from organic materials I am also a happy owner of some men’s clothes nowadays. Jep, I have a collection of men’s clothes that is all mine and well-loved, for its quality, colours and style in general.

Like this beloved Grampa cardigan: 

outfit 3

(Once again, OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day – bet you forgot that :-) ).

Have a nice weekend and don’t work too much  – it’s overrated! :lol:

Love It: Oil Pulling

Discovered last week at my favourite Man Repeller’s, I have already managed to get hooked by it: oil pulling.

Meaning I spend 20 minutes of my mornings swishing coconut oil around my mouth, before spitting it out and cleaning my teeth.

I really love the taste of coconut oil and the effects of oil pulling feel great to me: I’d recommend it. More information to be had on Access Hollywood.

Got brownish bananas?

Peel them, mash them with a fork, add some chopped almonds and some oatmeal. Preheat the oven to 170 °C and form small heaps (the dough shouldn’t be really tough, but you can adapt the quantity of oats and almonds next time. There will be next time.), putting them on baking paper.


Bake for 15 minutes at 170 °C.

Don’t eat them up while they are still piping hot! Remember: There will be next time.

(Slovene recipe and useful pictures to be found here.)



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