Happy Moose: Week 16/2016

Die lange Nacht der Mathematik.

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Happy Moose: Week 15/2016

I spent last week in the Land of Scanty and Plenty.

OK, let me explain: I didn’t have much free time, but I still managed to spend an hour or so in the sun. Twice. Happily. On the balcony, sipping coffee, reading a book. During what was officially my work time.
I simply left my office and didn’t care, before I started caring again.

I’ve even gotten some tan to prove it and no one can claim I spend too much time in my office since I don’t really look it.

To be honest, I would have preferred a walk in the Himalayas, preferrably preceded and followed by a real curry and similar, but that’s OK. Sun is good.


Happy Moose: Week 14/2016

Last week was All About Merry.

As in: our fat balls finally started to attract hungry birds and I could enjoy their lively feeding rituals and complex socializing through my home office window every day.

On the whim, I decided to purchase two olive trees online – while they still have to be delivered, I am already enjoying the prospect of keeping a what is essentially a Mediterranean tree on what is essentially a Baden hothouse climate balcony.

That, and we laughed a lot last week. Mostly for silly reasons (aka Us Being Us), still.


Happy Moose: Week 13/2016

Don’t do that.

My regular two readers will already know I am 40+, pushing on 37. 


So this is the right time for a Midlife Crisis (MC), no? Now, one of the aspects of MC is doing things that should make you appear younger but still looking your age, which contrast should then serve as a visible reminder of your Daredeviledness.👿 Right?!?

Unfortunately, the only dangerous thing I craved for these past weeks was a fourth hole in my ears. And since I don’t have time for professionals right now, I bought the piercing gun and had my husband shoot the earstuds into my ears. Everything’s perfect, but don’t do that at home anyway: piercing studios strongly recommend we leave such things to them.







Easter Feasters

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Happy Moose: Week 12/2016

Spring’s coming, in Eyachtal, and we had a few hours to enjoy it. In sunshine.

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Happy Moose: Week 11/2016

Spent Tuesday evening doggie-sitting again: this time, I had three dogs to entertain.

So what was I to do but to kneel on the floor, pet one dog with my right hand, the other one with my left hand and touch the smallest, yelping and jumping at me, with my nose from time to time?

After all, I had been told to consider the hierarchy …


Heute: Darjeeling mit Fettaugen.


Happy Moose: Week 10/2016


As in: Spring’s coming and the sun can reach our windows sooner and stay there for a longer time. What a pleasure!

sun fun


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