Happy Moose: Week 33/2016

He remembered one of his past music faves last week.

Which is why we’ve been listening to Siouxsie and the Banshees ever since.


Happy Moose: Week 32/2016

At the end of the week, Adorno comes to mind: “There’s no right food with the wrong one” and while I might feel inclined to agree with my mind, I am also happy this Sunday, so I won’t. No right or wrong today.

The thing is, we cycled and took a train to this small Schwarzwald village where they had their very first Street Food Festival. It all looked great but it soon turned out most trucks were simply offering hamburgers. Not even my wedded carnivore wanted any, so we searched. And got lucky: truffles! As in: French fries with parmezan, basil and truffle sauce. They were DELICIOUS and made my day for a while and also afterwards.


The thing is, we really wanted to try out many new things but most trucks sold or smelled of garlic and/or onions and we don’t believe good cooking should contain any of these (Where’s the creativity if everything contains garlic?), so we simply walked by a few times (I only felt like abusing Adorno afterwards, safely at home).

In the end, I tried fried ice, because my curiosity would sue me for negligence if I didn’t and it was OK. The ice was really good but the batter was nothing special, so there’s no need for me to repeat the experiment any time soon. 


I also had a glass of sangria, which brought about happy memories (Spain!) and then we cycled towards the sun … Home. Where the best food is.

Happy Moose: Week 31/2016

Survived 16 hours of Criminal Law at the weekend and liked it. Now, about that exam … in March?

Happy Moose: Week 30/2016

Feeling rested and relaxed after this year’s staycation. Very much so.

Happy Moose: Week 29/2016

Also great: digging for fossiles, sleeping in a nice hotel, eating good local food.

(But … I almost broke one of my toes in bed and then luckily didn’t. While getting out of the bed, of course!😈

And we almost ended in Munich the morning after the assault😦 Still thinking of the victims, their families and loved ones.)

Happy Moose: Week 28/2016

New kind of travel: paddling downriver … nice.

Happy Moose: Week 27/2016

Summer … finally. Painted my toenails blue just before Germany lost to France. Somehow, I had known they would.

And then finally, my very first time this year, strolling in a city small town, wearing a short dress, high heels and blue toenails, feeling the sun. On Friday, July 8.

I sure like being a woman:-)






Happy Moose: Week 26/2016

How many people called Lucky Bastards do you know?

In any case, add one, because it turned out last week I was one.

While I never write real postcards, I still managed to get one and it is so lovely and on spot that I glued it to my wardrobe door to smile at it every time I open the door:

Thank you, Jana!:-)

And because this was my own personal Europe week, let me show you the stamps one gets these days if ordering a Maria Farantouri CD:


Beautiful, n0? Just as her voice is …

And since I am at it, have a photo of my balcony, it’s for free:


Happy Moose: Week 25/2016

Not many things make me as happy as a perfect hiking trip … for example in Eyachtal.





Impertinance Day



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