Where have all …

the flowers gone?



Snow, baby, snow.

My office art

As seen by my Galaxy: 20151122_220848-1

Jep, that’s a blackboard… And Hubby’s contribution on the right. Till something else comes up :-) this is my office work of art.

In My Neck Of The Woods,

this constitutes real news: I have ordered my first smartphone.

Will be using my beloved Nokia with a prepaid card, though, when gallivanting around Karlsruhe at night. Don’t want to make thieves happy.

Dear Mädchenfonds,

my exam results are in.

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Guess We Should Be Ashamed

For binge-watching.

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Bearable Brightness of Being


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My Big Fat German Village Life

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See, if you

and I were to go hiking together, I’d make us an omelette afterwards.


Schwarzwald’s damn beautiful at this time of the year, BTW.


Again …

‘Common, move closer, buddy!’

Taking his time to (maybe or maybe not) do my bidding and silently observing with one rolling eye how I go on pouring hot coffee all over my padded bra and shirt for a terribly long time while concentrating on my camera 

my buddy finally comes closer.

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Real Life



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