300 Y KA






Mon Village

Mon village est situé près de la France. Il y a beaucoup de maisons jolies, de fleurs et arbres magnificents et les gens sont obligeants.

Il y a aussi beaucoup de oiseaux, c’est très important.





After Is Also Before

Aaaaahhhh, there you are, that’s what I thought when the fat book dropped into my welcoming hands. Now I am finally going to read you, Ulysses, I went on thinking. Good thing the heavily pierced mover did such a great job with our bookshelves.

And: pictures. Finally a place where the walls don’t hit back and remain ironically unspoiled when trying to hit in a nail or two.

Plants? They survived. A good thing, too. I guess telling them “either you survive or you’re bin material to be replaced mercilessly” is a good method – it worked these last 15 years. Should patent it.

Now I desperately need some non-habitat-related nice things to happen. Am quite exhausted by the requirements of … the science and/or mechanics of stuff.


That’s how mine was. The moving 15 kilometres away and setting up a new home with the old furniture and stuff.

Am officially a villager, as of today. For the first time in my life. I know, I know, it did seem as if, but no: as of today only.

Everyone owns dogs here which is a good thing as I like dogs but wouldn’t want to own any. :-)

Moving …

– So you packed our … special films, right? :lol:

– Yeeeessss?

– Well, it turns out you’ve overlooked, like, half of them. But the guys surely haven’t when packing them.

–  :blush:  … AAAA … :lol:

– – –

– It would be better to unhinge the door so we can move stuff around more easily.

– OK. There you are.

– ??? So many men here and we leave it to the woman to unhinge the door?!?!

– Oh, I wanted to, no problem. :-)

– Well then, we can go home if you don’t need us :-)

– – –

– You know, we actually don’t party here all the time-

– I know, I know, neither do we. But the summer’s really beautiful, so what can we do, right?


So How Was Yours?





Jeben-i vezaj-i 2

Pa imam res dolgo lajtungo.

Če bi torej hotela, četudi ne vem, zakaj bi hotela, po najnovejši slovenski modi imena, ki se mi zdijo tuja, sklanjati z jeben-im vezaj-em, potem bi bila morala z jeben-im vezaj-em sklanjati druga imena, kot jih sklanjate v Sloveniji, ne da?

Kot dojčefurka je moja jasna dolžnost, da sanjam o:

Maraay-i, Maraay-inem uspehu, Raay-u in Marjetk-i, Severin-i, Pop Design-u (še pomnite?) itd.

nikakor pa ne morem vezaj-no razmišljati o:

Kseivierju Naiduju, Leni Johani Terezi Majer-Landrutovi itd.

Seveda ne.

The Power of … Brot.



ბ = b

ბla ბla






ბaბy ბumბle ბee ბuzz

ბad ბirdwatcher’s ბreakfast


… is over and I don’t remember the winning song.
All I can think of is “rapapap, rapapap, rapapap tonight … monster like meeeee….”
And was there really a song claiming “I’m a king of fun, let me show you Kazakhstan?”


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