Vsakršna podobnost je v očeh opazovalca


To v resnici ni moja kahla, čeprav ji tako pravim. Kafekahla. Včasih je v življenju treba piti iz velikih skodelic.

No, to pa so samo kamilice. Te imam sicer rada, vendar jih v glavnem pijem med prehladom. In tokrat je to PREjebeniHLAD. Jao.

Še dobro, da imamo tudi slabo vreme.

Happy Moose: Week 20/2016

Home alone at the weekend, too?



And enjoy:



Happy Moose: Week 19/2016

In case you wondered: yes, we claim our Venus has developed a pen1s. Which then went on to produce some lovely bloom. Now this seems something to be proud of, since Venus Flytrap is quite touchy about the ways it wants to spend the winter here. In other words, I had a serious case of Beginner’s Luck, since our Venus survived the winter, bloomed and has started developing new traps.



Other than that, last week was spent by working hard, thank you, but we did take the Sunday off and first went shopping, to a Töpfermarkt in Iffezheim, no less:


Afterwards? We cooked our own version of delicious asparagus:




Purple Herons




Happy Moose: Week 18/2016

What a Saturday!😀

Spent in Karlsruhe studying Criminal Law in a tiny, tiny group (3 of us) with a great mentor. 

Reminded me how much I love to study and how much I like to study law. 8 hours passed like a few seconds.

Ten. Years. This Blog. Old Is.

It so happens that I sent out my very first web log entry on 4 May 2006 in a Slovenian newspaper.

My blog and everything that came and goes with it has changed my life in a significant manner I could dwell upon in many words today.

But I won’t.

If I did, I’d have to tell you how much I miss the Olden Days when the bloggers’ scene was very much alive and most of the comments I got sent happy shivers down my spine, because I did crave good company in those days. I still do, in my virtual and in my real life, but what can you do. If life serves you lemons, you better keep quiet about it, right?

Anyway … I am still delighted to be a blogger and I intend to post on my blog in the years to come, too.

Because I need a record of my life and because I am happy whenever one or two sisters in arms drop by and say hello.

So I ain’t going nowhere.

Happy Moose: Week 17/2016

After having patiently waited for a few months to reach sufficient lengths for my intended purpose, I have finally had my hair cut on Saturday. I am sOoOoOoooo happy now!











Happy Moose: Week 16/2016

Die lange Nacht der Mathematik.

schachtelhalm Continue reading


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